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All year round specializing in speed bumps installation.

Speed Bumps provide safety and a peace of mind. Calms traffic and slows down traffic at turning points and near exits and entrances of place of business. It's also a great way to slow down traffic and provide safety to your employees and customers in your parking lot.

Asphalt Ramps

It's also a great way of discouraging unwanted drivers that are using your lot as a throughway, for just getting to the other side from a main road.

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Asphalt Curbs

Speed bumps and asphalt curbs are our specialty.

Asphalt care also builds custom asphalt ramps of all sizes. What ever pavement surface you need raised or lowered, big or small we can do it. We specialize in custom built ramps. Loading Doc Ramps, Entrance Ramps, Service Ramp, Handicap Ramps, Pathway Ramp, Asphalt Curbs, Garage Lip.

Here are some of the property Asphalt Care worked on blacktopping paving and sealing projects:


Asphalt Care offers 24 hrs service as well as long weekends, and holidays for retail centers, office buildings, municipalities, hotels, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, apartment complexes, schools, parks, subdivisions etc. in the Greater Toronto area and surroundings.

Asphalt Care is a Toronto paving contractor, specializing in loading dock ramps, entrance ramps. service ramps, handicap ramp, pathway ramps, asphalt curbs, garage lip and many more.

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Speed Bumps

Asphalt Care is a Toronto paving contractor, specializing in speed bumps installation, asphalt curbs, and asphalt ramps to numerous commercial industries.

We specialize in speed bump, asphalt ramps, asphalt curbs and asphalt repairs.