Cracked Asphalt Repairs, Potholes and Pavement Resurfacing

Year round service for asphalt repairs, pothole repair, uneven pavement resurfacing.

Cracked asphalt usually a sign of wear and tear and low maintenance. What happens is when water enters the nearest crack the sub base starts to wash away and making it soft and weak leaving it to crack more which is called alligator cracks.
These types of repairs can be resurfaced for those that are on a budget and looking to prolong there parking lot for a few more years and to insure safety and liability issues.

Pothole Repair

We guarantee these repairs for 3 Years from labor, materials and even from snow plows which is the best guarantee in the business. Attention property managers. Save time and money by joining our free annual inspection program.
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Pavement Resurfacing

All our repairs are neat and done in square shapes not off set and most important all our pothole repairs come with a 3 Year Guarantee, weather the repair was done in the summer or winter.

Asphalt Care specializes in all types of big or small hot asphalt repairs. Our asphalt repair service is available all year round, as well as weekends and after hours.

Here are some of the property Asphalt Care worked on asphalt repairs, pothole repair, uneven pavement resurfacing projects:


We specialize in asphalt repairs, pothole repair, uneven pavement resurfacing. We service residential driveways and parking lots as well as roadways.

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