Parking Lot Line Painting and Pavement Markings

We ensure the paints we utilize conform to current VOC regulations and to the requirements of Federal Specification TT-P-1952D.

Asphalt Care can stripe, stencil and equip your parking lot

with the required traffic markings utilizing premium grade, highly pigmented 100% acrylic or latex traffic marking paint designed for high quality, long lasting pavement markings.

We are specialized in line striping, line painting, pavement markings, and traffic markings.

Pavement Markings

Parking lot line painting, traffic markings and pavement markings

are our specialty, and we use only professional airless computer controlled paint spraying equipment to ensure razor sharp lines. This state-of-the-art equipment guarantees pavement markings in the proper width applied at optimum thickness. All parking lot line painting are laid out using chalk lines before a drop of paint even hits the pavement. This ensures straight, crisp lines and minimizes the chance of error.

Traffic Markings

Asphalt Care can complete all projects, including applying parking lot line painting, traffic markings, and pavement markings after sealcoating or re-striping existing lots to enhance the look and safety of your parking lot.

We can also work with architects and property owners to create new lay-outs optimized for maximum vehicle capacity, ideal traffic management and proper safety standards. It is also important to meet local fire codes and handicap access requirements.

Our Services include: new parking lot layout, parking lot re-striping, traffic signs, handicap parking (ADA) compliant, directional arrows, cross walks, curb painting, traffic speed humps, residential corporate and ndustrial line striping, custom stenciling, and many more.

Here are some of the property Asphalt Care worked on parking lot line painting projects:


Asphalt Care offers 24 hrs service as well as long weekends, and holidays for retail centers, office buildings, municipalities, etc. in the Greater Toronto area and surroundings.

For more info call 416. 410.6060.

Parking Lot Line
Painting and Markings

We serve all parking lot line painting, traffic marking, pavement markings, line painting striping and stenciling needs, including airports, hotels, corporate parking lots, hospitals, schools, shopping centers, restaurants, industrial buildings and municipal lots.