Driveway Oil Stain Removal Service

Getting oil stains off the driveway has always been a problem. We offer driveway oil stain removal service.

Oil stains on a driveway not only look bad, it penetrates into the pavement, weakening and cracking the asphalt. The way we treat driveway oil stains; we burn oil stain using asphalt torches, followed with our own home made oil stain primer. It is the best oil stain primer hands down. Until this day, we have not seen any product that works or even come close.

We used many oil stain primers and removers

in the past which the oil stains would just resurface again. So if you are looking to get rid of those oil stains with out the costly repairs of cutting them out and leaving a patch look, call us at 647-606-0989.

Driveway Oil Stain

In some cases depending on the severity of the oil stains, it may be wise to cut them out and repave it. This is only in the worst case scenario.

After an oil stain repair, we suggest a driveway seal in order give it that extra protection and to hide it. Quality protects and last longer.

Oil Stain Removal Service

Removing Oil Stain;

We will burn out the oils in the asphalt pavement using a special asphalt heating torching device on a slow burning process in order to insure we don't disturb the good asphalt, then we let it set for a while until it cools down. After with our own Asphalt Oil Stain Removal products, we will then paste the oil primer in stages until desired texture has been achieved. Call 647-606-0989 for any paving asphalt sealing needs. Asphalt patch work, big or small.

Here are some of the property Asphalt Care worked on paving and sealing projects:


We offer 24 hrs service as well as long weekends, and holidays for retail centers, office buildings, municipalities, hotels, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, apartment complexes, schools, parks, subdivisions, in asphalt repairs, oil stain removal service, residential driveway, parking lots and concrete services.

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